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The beauty of repeat patterns is that even the simplest of scribbles can make a really effective design. This is what makes these workshops accessible for everyone – including kids! My pattern design workshops are basically drawing and painting workshops, meaning they require no artistic skills or talent!


Just turn up, create something on paper, enjoy a glass of wine or a cup of tea, and then I will take your creation and turn it into a digital repeat pattern tile. This tile can be sent to print on demand (POD) companies so that your design can be printed on products such as gift wrap, fabric, wallpaper, stationary, phone covers – just about anything!


The workshop tickets also include a printed product in your design, such as a roll of gift wrap or a meter of fabric.

Stay tuned on my website and Instagram for workshop announcements, and I also do private group bookings (minimum of 8 people). Contact me for more details.

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